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New farm shop in listed building location

The location was part of a large Estate with a public-facing reputation to uphold. The site already contained some retail aspects on a small scale, none of them food retail. The area was semi-rural with major conurbations within 30 minutes drive-time. Any farm shop on the site would be a new build within the curtilage of a listed building. 

The feasibility study included a time-line to a planning permission application for a farm shop. The Trustees needed to be convinced that a farm shop would produce a target turnover within three years, and a satisfactory return on investment over the same time frame. 

In addition to other research tools, RNUK employed the Retail HeathCheck to gather empirical data which established the current customer profile for the site and assessed whether that profile was amenable to the idea of a farm shop. The results were positive for the operation, with customers providing an understanding of what the operation should provide for them. In addition, focus groups provided an intense understanding of attitudes among target groups in the area. 

The feasibility study was presented to the Board and included comprehensive trading, CapEx and ROI projections over a three year period, as well as an assessment of whether a farm shop or other potential investments would yield the best return. 


RNUK were further employed to develop the farm shop designs alongside the client's architects, work towards planning permission, secure tenders for construction, provide retail training to the existing retailers on site, produce new branding, marketing and signage materials for the site & shop, run events to raise awareness of the site, and aid the land agents in project management.

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