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New ideas for existing farm shop.


We were asked to provide an understanding of the return on investment for a proposed extension to a medium sized farm shop.  The extension was to be on two stories and was desirable because it created a new, more logical layout for the farm shop, particularly in the butchery; and it would provide new offices. However the owner wished to test concepts for the new extension. He also wanted to test home-delivery as a new direction for the business.


RNUK used its Retail HealthCheck techniques to establish a demographic profile of existing shop users, testing their responses to a series of concepts that the farm shop might develop. Focus groups were also used to test concepts with existing and potential customers. 


The Retail HealthCheck results showed that the farm shop owner’s concepts would be a costly mistake. While it was disappointing for the owner to abandon cherished ideas, the farm shop is now on course for developing its retail along other lines, following guidance provided by the research. The business is giving customers what they want and the new plans will produce a higher ROI for the business.

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